At Craft Shops SA, our vision is to create the largest listing of all craft material suppliers, teachers, classes and events operating in South Africa and Namibia. We do this by researching and gathering information from both online and offline resources.

Craft Shops SA will provide a platform for you to engage with the millions of South Africans looking for supplies to do scrapbooking, knitting, crochet, sewing, painting, decoupage etc and also looking to attend classes or join ‘real’ crafting groups in their area.  We do not show or sell any email addresses.  Listings will be approved prior to being shown in Craft Shops SA to ensure that the information is relevant.

 Craft Shops SA is focused on making the correct information available to all crafters so we can all get what we need – crafters find suppliers and suppliers sell their goods.

Craft Shops SA will maintain contact with listings as per your selected package (via email) to check whether any of your details have changed.  Maybe you’ve started classes at your store or elsewhere, or you’re having a workshop.  If you have distributors/retailers of your products, it would be appreciated if you could let them know about Craft Shops SA so that they too can get listed.

Craft Shops SA is by no means a full and complete listing and we would really appreciate the assistance of crafters and suppliers.  If you know of a supplier who is not yet listed, please drop us an email or via the Contact Us button.

In order to ensure Craft Shops SA always shows current suppliers and teachers, please let us know if anyone’s detail is incorrect or if they no longer trade.

If you are not yet listed, you can create your own listing or you can email us your information and we will get you listed.  If you choose the Springbok or Rhino Package, please send us an email and we will provide you with banking detail.  Payments are only done via EFT in  order to keep our operating costs as low as possible and provide affordable advertising space for our suppliers.