About Craft Shops SA


For Crafters:  

Craft Shops SA is focused on making the correct information available to all crafters so we can all get what we need – crafters find suppliers and suppliers sell their goods.  There is nothing more frustrating than driving for 2 – 3 hours in traffic (which some of us really are not used to J) only to find that the shop has closed down, moved or they don’t have what you need.  Now what?  You don’t know the area, you don’t have a phone book.  Craft Shops SA can also be accessed via mobile phones so crafters can do a quick search, call, drive and shop – and then go home and create!  We hop you enjoy and benefit from this website and discover wonderful suppliers, teachers and services near you. 


For Suppliers, Teachers and Services:  


Craft Shops SA will provide a platform for you to engage with the millions of South Africans looking for supplies to do scrapbooking, knitting, crochet, sewing, painting, decoupage, etc and also looking for classes in their area. 

Craft Shops SA will maintain contact with paid listings as per your selected package (via email) to check whether any of your details have changed.  Maybe you’ve started classes at your store or elsewhere, or you’re having a workshop.  If you have distributors/retailers of your products, it would be appreciated if you could let them know about Craft Shops SA so that they too can get listed separately as searches are often done for a specific area.  


In order to ensure Craft Shops SA always shows current suppliers and teachers, please let us know if details are incorrect or if they no longer trade.  This will ensure that listings are all up to date.


Benefits of the Site:

  • A map to locate suppliers or classes for your preferred craft.
  •  Contact information to help you communicate with suppliers and teachers near you.
  • Links to Facebook for additional communication options.

Who Is Marked on the Map:

  • Suppliers of crafting materials for fabrics, yarn, scrapbooking, sugar crafts, mosaics, moulds, stencils, paints and lots more.
  • Services for laser cutting, custom moulds, custom baking pans, custom labels for clothing.
  • All Suppliers, Classes and Services are based in South Africa and Namibia only.
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